About MyPio

Working parents lead busy lives and developing a better relationship with those who take care of our children is not only essential, it’s instinctual.  At the same time, childcare providers need to build both trust and their business, but have few affordable software tools that document what an excellent job they are doing.  MyPio is being developed to do just that.

For Parents

After 8 weeks, most of us have to return to work. It is true what people say—children grow up fast!—sometimes keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. MyPio is intended to help you keep track and develop a trusting relationship with your childcare provider. With a daily or weekly report you can see how your child is advancing, and how you can encourage and support your child.

For Providers

You have the most important job in the world: you take care of, educate, and nurture children. This important work is often done over long hours and for little profit. While your personal reward is big, it does not always help you achieve your financial goals. MyPio is a tool that is being developed to help you increase both your profits and personal rewards.